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Certified Arborist

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With the thousands of trees planted across the Seattle area, ensuring that you have the access to a true professional to provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to planning, planting, inspection and otherwise can be imperative.

​Our certified arborists Seattle bring you a range of services that run the gamut from saplings to aged oaks, ensuring that you have the proper access to the best possible tree growth and possible removal. Whatever the services required, you can depend on our experts to bring results.


Pest Inspection
Dealing with dying leaves and limbs, finding a majority of a specific type of bug on your property and more can all be signs of a pest infestation taking root within your trees. In order to bring the best possible tree care to your property, ensuring that you get the right inspections done by a certified arborist will bring you with the information you need. Our experts know what signs to look out for and can identify a vast majority of tree loving pests, providing you with the details you need on how to rid your property of these uninvited nuisances.

Disease & Infection
Another possible negative affectation your Seattle trees can find themselves dealing with is that of disease and infection. Suffering from one of these invasive health states can quickly lead to your tree losing leaves, bark and even limbs. Often the canopy is one of the most affected areas and ensuring that you get the right diagnoses and treatment is important in keeping your tree healthy and your property looking its best. No matter the problem your Seattle area tree is facing, you can depend on us for the right inspection results and treatment needed to save your tree.

Planting Design
Our arborists aren’t only here to assist you when things go wrong though. We have the experience and expertise needed to bring you help with every aspect of your trees life cycle and that includes providing you with the information you need when it comes to planting new trees or various tree services on your Seattle property. Ensuring that you are getting the right species for the weather systems, providing you with the layout for a living fence and much more, you can trust in the knowledge that our professional arborists bring to your plans. When quality matter, choosing Tree Removal Seattle will deliver results.

Property Disputes
We also provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to disputes in your trees reach. Often, trees that overgrow into neighboring yards can be a point of contention between neighbors, especially if that tree is responsible for a lot of leaf shed throughout the fall. When suggesting healthy tree trimming or tree pruning, we take both sides of the confrontation into account in order to provide results that work for everyone. Whatever the tree in question, or the property dispute you happen to be having, a call to our certified arborists will bring you a resolution that works. ​