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Tree Removal & Service serving Seattle WA
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Tree Removal Service Seattle WA

Welcome to Seattle Tree Removal Pros, your home for quality, budget tree service Seattle, within and around the city.

Whether you’re looking for tree inspection with a certified arborist, tree care or tree cutting service, or a full tree removal that residential and commercial properties in the Seattle area can depend on, you’ve made the right choice.

Our experts are here to bring you the tree service and evergreen tree care in Seattle you’re looking for.

About our Certified Arborists in Seattle

It’s our ambition to bring the most complete set of services possible to the city of Seattle, arborist valuations and inspections and of course tree removal you can count on. Through quality, experienced offerings, we have the means to deliver results you can count on from the moment you plant a new tree, to the eventual removal due to age or weakness. Whether you need emergency services, scheduled tree cutting or any other form of attention to your property trees, you can depend on our tree service Seattle company to bring you the best in the west arborist you need at an affordable price.


Our Services

For the best tree service in the city, ensuring that you’re putting your trust in a company that has the means to deliver the widest array of tree service options is important. We have been bringing the tree cutting services that residents of Seattle, WA has counted on for many years. When looking for a combination of quality results and the most affordable tree removal Seattle cost, you can depend on the long-standing experience and reputation for dependability that our experts brings to the city.

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Removing dead, dangerous or fallen trees

We are known across the Seattle area for our tree removal service and the capability that we bring to properties across the region.

Whether your tree suffered in a storm, has fallen over, disease has taken hold, or you just need to open your property for future plans, making the choice to reach out to the professionals on our team will provide you with an efficient and affordable service you can count on.

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Maintaining your trees and shrubs

Both in terms of aesthetic and healthy growth, professional tree trimming services are highly beneficial to your property.

We provide you with the ability to keep your trees looking their best and bringing the weight reduction efforts required to relieve undue stress.

​Whatever the reason behind your tree trimming, we deliver a year-round service that will give your trees the required attention from skilled and capable local arborists in the Seattle area. If you are interested in these services in other areas, we also service tree removal Bothell WA.

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Removing and grinding stumps

Dealing with an annoying stump on your property can seem like a problem that won’t go away.

With many companies across the city charging a proverbial arm and a leg to simply have the feet of a tree removed, it can often be cheaper to just deal with the headache.

​We strive to bring you efficient and speedy stump grinding that will treat all manner of obstructions and bring back your ability to dictate your property goals.

​“After dealing with a stump constantly getting in my way, I figured it was about time to do something about it. My neighbor suggested I give Seattle Tree Removal ​ Pros a call and I’m glad they did. The results were just what I was hoping for.” – Debbie R.

Tree inspections by experienced arborists

Our certified arborist brings you a wide range of service possibilities.

From inspections for pest control, to disease identification and even assisting you in plotting the future of your property. We deliver the means to effectively plant, care for and eventually terminate your trees in order to ensure that you have the perfect property at your disposal.

​Whatever the service you call upon us for, you can always depend on the highest level of quality.

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Pruning trees and small shrubs

Much like the tree trimming services we bring to the city, our tree pruning and tree cutting offerings provide you with the efficiency and reliability you need.

​Whether in terms of settling property disputes or ensuring that your boughs and branches are growing in a productive manner, you can count on the experience and knowledge of our professionals to provide you with solutions that will tend to your needs and promote long-term, healthy growth.

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​24/7 Emergency Tree Service

There is a number of various possibilities when it comes to emergency services required on your Seattle area property.

​If your tree has suddenly toppled over, the canopy is growing into your power lines, or storms have ravaged the structure of your trees, you can count on our experts not only to bring you the resolution you need but to do so in a way that brings you reliability, speed and of course, our affordable rates.

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​“I have been relying on Seattle Tree Removal Pros for a few years now for various tree services. They bring tree trimming once a year, pruning as necessary and many other services. I like having a company I can rely on bringing my business the means to always look its best.” – Jen A.

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